About Jay Falkus

Growing up, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by an artistic family. They nurtured and inspired my own creative side, even allowing me to film my first wedding at 14! It didn't go fantastically of course, but luckily, a family is very forgiving. My failed filming didn't deter me from following my passions. I enrolled in the Centre for Arts and Technology for Filmmaking and then Photography, even earning the chance for a summer internship in New York, doing fashion photography. Technology changes constantly, challenging me to learn about new cameras, as well as new camera options, such as drones, which have inspired me to create more. I have had the opportunity to photograph and film weddings and conferences, as well as take portraits for couples, real estate agents and business professionals. 

More recently, I have been lucky enough to practice and hone my photography skills on my amazing wife and two beautiful daughters, who I am thankful for, who support me and my visions.